Why Not Original If Its Cheap? HP #OriginalCopy

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I know the title of this article sounds unbelievable! But Its true! Yes, you can get Original products with guaranteed quality and service at cheaper price. Thanks to HP and IndiBlogger for the #OriginalCopy meet which brought out the importance of being original and choosing original products and services.

About The Original IndiBlogger Meet with HP:
This was my first Indiblogger meet and it was really Awesome! It was so awesome that I will never miss out any of the meets in future! The meet started with a high voltage Rock song, packed with energy. The energy and liveliness continued throughout the meet. Games, fun, goodies [from HP and Harper Collins], the yummy food at FortunePark JP Celestial, the #OriginalCopy presentation from HP, photoshoot, and last but not the least, all the awesome Bloggers who attended the meet made it an unforgettable event.

Go ahead and understand the importance of choosing Original Products and services. Let’s see how , you can get Original products with guaranteed quality and service at cheaper price.

1 ]

Why do you go for fake/duplicate products?

Everybody knows it! Because it’s Cheap and has all the functionalities that the Original product also has. But you knowingly close your eyes towards the Quality of the product!
No one can beat the Original photo quality of HP cartridges, but still many people go for Ink refilling and non-HP cartridges which are cheaper than HP cartridges. Only because of the reason that, it’s Cheap.  But what if the Original cartridge itself is cheap? Yes, HP cartridges start at Rs 499, and you get the same awesome quality!
Refilling cartridges / using duplicate cartridges will not give you quality printouts, and at times you’ll have to take the printouts again and again. Also it affects the performance of the printer, like the printer software may not be able to recognise the ink properties, levels and so on. All these end up in loss, and you end up unsatisfied.  Why all these headache? Go for Original cartridge, and Aaaraam se enjoy the quality prints.

2 ]

Why Original HP Inks?

If you look at the price, ink refilling may look cheaper. But Original HP Inks give double the number of prints than refilled cartridges with outstanding quality and reliable performance.
HP inks are a result of extensive research. Its result is reflected in the quality and performance of printouts.
HP gives great importance to environment safety. HP inks are made out of recycled materials, and therefore it is environment friendly.

3 ]

What if you get the HP cartridges delivered at your doorsteps ?

Get HP Inks, papers and printer supplies delivered at your doorsteps, that too within 6-8 hours, just by dialling 1800 425 4999 [HP Dial-a-cartridge service].
Also you can order it via Internet, email or HP reseller.

4 ]

How to identify whether the cartridge is genuine or not?

HP has introduced security label to protect you against fraudulent services and products. Let’s see what are the different ways of validating original HP Ink:

i. Examine the Label

The HP cartridges and toners come with a holographic label with image shifting properties.  Just tilt the box front to back or left to right to see Ok and a tick mark as shown in the image below:

[Image Courtesy: www.hp.com]

ii. Mobile Authentication via QR code

If you have a smart phone, download the QR code reader, and scan the QR code on the security label. If the cartridge is genuine, you’ll receive a valid response from HP.

iii. Online validation

Goto  www.hp.com/go/ok  and enter the serial number given on your security label.

[Image Courtesy: www.hp.com]
There are more techniques to identify genuine cartridges. Click here for more details.

See what all Original and genuine services HP is providing. Now why should one go for Ink-refilling or duplicate cartridges. Definitely NO to such craps and a BIG YES to HP Original!

[ Thanks to IndiBlogger & HP for the #OriginalCopy experience]