What is SEO?

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This article will help you understand the basics of SEO [Search Engine Optimization], How to, or Where to start etc.

SEO  is very essential for a website. SEO is nothing but optimizing your Site in a Search engine friendly way so that your site articles/contents are displayed in the search results. Good SEO will bring your site on Top of the search results. It is all about making small modifications, improvements to your site which will cause a huge impact on the performance in search results.

Google the No 1 Search Engine Loves Genuine User Generated Content. So whatever best practices you follow, the Basic and important point is: Writing Genuine articles which the Visitors would love to read.

Google says that, The Ultimate consumers are your users and not the search engines. So the articles or contents should be written in a way that the visitors would love to read and use.

Google released an SEO guide which outlines the SEO best practices.

You can download the Google SEO Guide here: The best ‘SEO Starter Guide’ from Google

The ultimate aim of SEO is to increase the Traffic.  These are the simple steps [you might know all these already] that can be followed to increase blog traffic:

  • Write Genuine contents with the visitors in mind who are gonna read / use your article
  • Correct usage of keywords

Use Google Adwords Tool and search for keywords related to the article content. WordPress users can Install All-in-One SEO plugin and add these keywords easily for the posts.

  • Start using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Create a sitemap [Wordpress users just install Google XML Sitemaps]
  • Join top social networking sites and share the article link [Like Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Pinterest]
  • Google for the top blogging groups in Facebook, Google+ etc , Join and share the article
  • Join Top social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc and add your article links
  • Join Blogging community sites like Bloggers, IndiBlogger
  • Join Forums like Digital Points Forum and get involved
  •  Add your website link to Highly ranked directories  [Free ones are there, Don’t Worry]
  •  Use SEO Tools [ There are lot of Free SEO Tools]

No Pain, No Gain! So you have to spend some time for all these. But its really worth. So once you are done with all these, next step is to wait and see the Results!

Happy Blogging 🙂

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