WeChat : The Perfect Chat Application [It’s Free!]

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WeChat is a Perfect + Awesome + FREE chat application with lots of  cool features. Its features include:

  • Live Chat, Group Chat, Voice Chat, Video Call, Web WeChat, Emoticons, Moments, Chat History Backup, Shake, Drift Bottle, Look Around, Facebook connect and Group Chat QR Code.

You must be thinking ‘what is this ShakeDrift Bottle and Look Around ?’  Right ? These are some special features of WeChat which makes it an Awesome Chat Application. Believe me! These features will make you say WOW! Excited to know more about these features?  Keep reading, we will explore them all…

WeChat supports various platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40 & Symbian.

You can quickly download WeChat for your phone from the below link and then comeback to explore about the hidden features of WebChat : Click Here To Download

Once the installation is complete, Start WeChat and Sign Up. The sign up process is very short and simple. Click Sign Up, Select Your Country and Enter your Phone number:

Next step is the Mobile number verification. You’ll receive a verification code to the entered mobile number which can be used to complete the signup process.

Enter your name to complete the Sign Up process. You can connect WeChat with your facebook account if you wish.

Now let’s start using WeChat.

You can start by setting a profile photo as shown below. For those who are not interested in setting up the profile photo can skip to the next step.

Start adding contacts through the Contacts option as shown below:

Invite friends, add them to your contacts.

Now you can start chatting from the Chats option:

WeChat makes your chat awesome with many chat features.

The Social menu contains special features like Look Around, Shake and Drift Bottle apart from Adding contacts and Photos. Let’s see How it works.

With the Look Around feature, you can search for people around you who are using WeChat. [Believe me. There are a lot!] You can choose someone, send them greetings and make friends. Isn’t it great! There are lot more cool features coming up which will definitely make you say WOW!

Next is the Shake feature. You just have to simply shake your phone! WeChat will match this shake with others who are shaking too. You will get a list of people around you or around the globe. Choose someone, send them greetings, make friends, start chatting.

Next one is the Drift Bottle feature. This one is really cool. This is something like a message in a bottle. You can write/record messages in a bottle and throw it in the sea. Someone will pick it up and reply. You can also pick bottles which others have thrown. Isn’t it interesting?

Drift Bottle feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature, Goto Settings > Features and Enable Drift Bottle.

Once Drift Bottle feature is enabled, you can access it directly from the Social option as shown:

Start using WeChat, Make more friends and Keep Chatting…

WeChat, The new way to connect.

Have a look at the WeChat’s Youtube channel.