The Truth About Free Mobile Recharges: Shocking!

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I used to get lot of messages about free mobile recharges and I used to ignore/delete all them with the firm belief that they are all fake! Whenever I used to get such kind of messages from my friends, I used to get angry and argue that they are all fake!

And one day one of my friend showed me how he used to recharge without spending anything from his pocket! I was shocked to see that!

I tried the same and I started getting free recharges! I dont share any fake updates in my blog. For those who would like to get free recharges, I’ll share you how.

There are lot of app promotions going on for which you’ll be getting free recharges. You just have to download and install an app or use a coupon code to recharge via an app, or do some simple activity. Its so simple .

Whenever I get an update regarding any of such promotional offers, I’ll try that first, and if it works, will share with you guys.

 1) mCent:

  • Click here to Install mCent
  • Goto Offers and start installing Apps
  • You’ll get paid for installing apps. You can use this for topup/recharge.
  • You can refer your friends too. First referral will earn you Rs 50 and then for each referral Rs 100 !
  • [You get paid for referral Only if your friend installs mCent, and then he installs atleast one app via mCent and he gets paid for it]
  • I already recharged for Rs 350



 2) EarnTalkTimeApp :

  • Click here to Install EarnTalktimeApp
  • Goto Offers page for the current Offers
  • You’ll get credits for downloading and installing apps via “EarnTalkTime”
  • Offers will be like: Install Amazon app and get Rs 25, Install Flipkart App and get Rs 10 etc
  • You can also earn by referring your friends. Rs 10 per referral.
  • You can recharge to any Prepaid number with your credits.

3) WeChat

  • Click here to install Wechat
  • Activity 1: Accumulate Rs.5 daily: 

    Make a Voice/Video call to your friend on WeChat for minimum 1 minute. (The call should be dialed by you)Send a sticker in a new or existing group. (sending even 1 sticker is counted)Post a Picture/Sight on Moments. (reply with Moments to know how)
    *You have to complete all 3 activities above to get Rs.5 recharge balance.

     Do these activities daily to get Rs.5 recharge balance every day.
  • Activity 2: Invite a friend & get Rs.20/-

    Click on “Recharge>>Invite and Earn”You will receive an invitation message with your unique link.Share the invitation message with your friends and ask them to register on WeChat by clicking on your unique link and entering all the required details.After a successful registration, get your friends to send you a message/sticker on WeChat to complete the activity.For every friend who successfully registers on WeChat and sends you a message/sticker, you’ll get Rs.20/- free recharge balance.

Feel Free to add me and send a sticker 😉  +91 8884825725

  • When and how to redeem your FREE recharge balance?

    A user can redeem his FREE recharge balance only in denominations of Rs. 50. Users can redeem only once in a day. Balance of less than Rs. 50 is not eligible for redemption. To redeem your accumulated recharge balance, go to Recharge>> My Balance.

4) Paytm + Gaana

5) FreeCharge

  • Click here to Install FreeCharge
  • Pay and Recharge for Rs 10 (or the minimum denomination available). Use this Promocode and get Rs 50 Instant Cashback : FCREFJMKANB5N
  • You can use this cashback credit to recharge for Rs 50. So for Rs 10 you get corresponding talktime and an extra Rs 50!

6) Amulyam

  • Click here to download Amulyam
  • Use Referal Code: P455173
  • This app is similar to EarnTalkTime. You get Paid for downloading and installing other apps.
  • Also Rs 5 per referral.