Post photos directly from Gallery to Google maps in iOS

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Posting photos directly to Google Maps from the gallery and that too at the most easiest way is what all the Google local guides prefer.

“Android offers an easy share to google maps option, but not iOS” – This is a general statement that most of the iOS users make (including me at some point). But the truth is, there is an option which is actually inactive. We just need to activate it and here are the steps:

1) Select the photo and goto share options


2) Click on more


3) Turn on the ‘Post to google maps’ option

4) Now an extra option appears in the share options :


5) Click on ‘Post to Google Maps’ , and then click on ‘Pick a place’ option :

6) Type the place name and select it :

7) Once the place is selected, click on ‘Post’ :

8) Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll see the points being displayed.