How to Type in Malayalam?

Sometimes it is necessary to write posts in malayalam, or use malayalam in Facebook , Photoshop etc. There are a number of methods available. Three methods are listed below:

1 ]

Go to

Just type words in english, and once you press space after each word, it gets translated to malayalam.

Pressing backspace 2 times after you get a malayalam word will give you extra options.

Just select the one you need. Once you complete writing, just copy the malayalam lines and paste it in facebook or wherever you need. Hope you understood the post.

Many asked me how to type ‘nda’ in Malayalam. Its easy, type ‘entha’ in Google Transliterate! You will get something like this:

2 ]

Using Charmap.

Goto Start/run -> Type ‘charmap’ and press enter.

Select any malayalam font, and select the letters one by one. When completed, copy and paste it. It works perfect for Facebook, Photoshop and such applications.

3 ]

Using Epic browser. Click here to read more about it.


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14 thoughts on “How to Type in Malayalam?”

    1. Hi Ameen ,

      Me too have the same problem.
      Did you get the “nda” letter correct in Photoshop ?

      if yes, would you mind sharing it?

    2. use character map and select ARIAL BLACK font
      copy this symbol ?
      then paste in Photoshop and chose ML-(Malayalam fonts) for the symbol

    1. same problm enikkum undu….”NDA’ show cheiyunnilla…..photoshop cs4,photoshop cs5 and corel draw x5 ithilonnum patunilla……pls hlp……..

  1. U can use Photoshop 7 for getting ‘nda’ after typing in cs5 or cs3 u can open that psd in photoshop 7 then u will get letter nda….

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