How to Type in Malayalam?


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14 Responses

  1. ameen says:

    I cant get malayalam letter ‘nda’ in my photoshop cs2. is there any solution. ?

  2. muhammed musthafa says:

    it’s nice , this thing was of real help for me

  3. Kichu says:

    Thank you very much friend

  4. AJAYAKSHAN says:

    Thanks a lot

  5. praveesh says:

    You are most Welcome :)

  6. varun says:

    enikk photoshopil shri ennu type cheyyan indic script tool ath shru…e ingane adikkunnu

  7. umesh says:

    How can type malayalam ltter “NDA” in photoshop cs5

    • sonu says:

      same problm enikkum undu….”NDA’ show cheiyunnilla…..photoshop cs4,photoshop cs5 and corel draw x5 ithilonnum patunilla……pls hlp……..

  8. praveesh says:

    Ente perum Praveesh Ennaane :D

  9. Arun says:

    U can use Photoshop 7 for getting ‘nda’ after typing in cs5 or cs3 u can open that psd in photoshop 7 then u will get letter nda….

  10. Sibi says:

    You can type Malayalam and all other languages in

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