Create Awesome Gradient Backgrounds in Photoshop

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To learn this technique, you should have any version of Photoshop installed in your system.No other knowledge required.So let us start the steps:
1. Open Photoshop, it will look as given below (Mine is CS4)

2. Go to File-> New

3. Select a suitable size of your choice. Also you can increase the resolution of the image if you want.I used the following setting:

4. Click on ‘ Set foreground color Box’ as shown in picture below:

5. A Color picker box appears as shown in the picture below. Select any dark colour from the box by moving the small circle with your mouse inside the box.Then click ok.

6. Now select the paint bucket tool.

7. Fill the workspace by clicking the paint bucket inside your workspace.

8. Again go to  ‘ Set Foreground color Box’

9. Select a light shade of the last selected dark color.

10. Add a new layer by clicking the ‘Add New Layer button’ as shown in the picture below:

11. That will create a new layer above the background layer ‘ Layer 1’ .

12. Select Brush tool

13. After selecting brush tool, bring it to your workspace( hope u understood which is the workspace,the place where we do all works , the place where we filled the dark green color at first).Right click on the workspace for an option like that in the picture below.Select Soft round 100 pixel  or 200 or 300. I used 200.

14. Draw in any fashion on the workspace.(What you draw here comes in Layer 1).

15. Now goto  Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur

16. A Gaussian Blur Box appears. Adjust the slider and see the changes in your workspace.( Check that the preview option is selected as shown in picture below).

17. Your Gradient Background is ready. Now use the Text tool to type something on it.

Adjust the text settings of the text from the menu given at the top of the photoshop  as shown below:

Click the text tool on the workspace and type the text.

Go to File-> Save

Give a name, select a format.

Select JPEG format for saving it as an ordinary Picture. Select PSD format for saving it as a Photoshop file,so that you can edit it later.

Create more such gradients in different patterns….

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