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How to Build and Manage an Online Shopping site? Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Developing and managing an Online shopping website is usually considered to be complex because of the effort involved in developing a shopping cart, implementing special features like coupon codes , discounts etc and managing the online store with an admin login. To develop all such features, requires lot of time and effort. What if you have all these features already implemented + you can customize it as per your requirement + you can get most of the online shopping features for FREE! That’s what this article is about! So If…read more

People Who Changed Internet [Must Known Founders]

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1 ] Father[s] of the Internet:  Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn [TCP/IP suite]   2 ] Inventor of WWW: Tin Berners-Lee [web client and server, links/ hyperlinks]   3 ] Father of Email:  Ray Tomlinson [@ symbol for email address]   4 ] Inventor of Emoticon: Scott Fahlman [ASCII based smiley emoticon]   5 ] Netscape Navigator: Marc Andreessen [Developed the First browser called Mosaic which was later known as Netscape Navigator]   6 ] Internet Relay Chat, IRC : Jarkko Oikarinen [First realtime internet chat tool]   7 ] Google: Larry…read more


How To Set Up a Facebook Pop-Up Likebox in WordPress?

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This tutorial will help you to setup a Facebook Pop-up LikeBox for your WordPress Blog. For this you need to Install the Plugin Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. Lets see how to.   1 ] Download “Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox” Plugin. Click here to Download   2 ] Go to Plugins > Add New, Upload the Plugin and Install it.     3 ] Next step is to find out the Facebook page ID of your fan-page. For that, Go to your Facebook Page, Copy your page name:   4 ]…read more

Download PDF guides for FREE

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“MakeUseOf” is a booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive. The aim of MakeUseOf is to guide you through the web and tell you about hot websites that you have never heard of, best software programs, and all kinds of “how to” tips for Windows, Mac and Linux computer users. MakeUseOf Guide Download center has over 65 useful PDF guides that can be downloaded for free. You just have to Subscribe with your emailID, and you will get the password as…read more

How to Display Blog/Site Author Information in Search Results?

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Hey Bloggers, Do you want your information to be displayed along with your search results like this ? Steps: 1 ] Place a link to your Google+ Profile using the following code. [Place it anywhere in the <body>, preferably in the Footer] <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google+</a> Replace the [profile_url] with your Google+ Profile link. See how I did mine: <a href=””>Google+</a> 2 ]  Goto Click ‘Edit Profile‘ Click ‘Contributor To‘  > Click ‘Add Custom Link‘ , add your site link and Save. 3 ] Once done, Notify Google that you have your…read more

How to implement a Live Support Chat in your blog/website for Free?

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Its very easy to implement a Live Support Chat in your blog/website. See the Chat window at the bottom of this page. Yes, you too can implement a similar one. Thanks to Olark. How to? 1 ] Goto Olark and Register with your email ID.   2 ] Once you finish Registration, Goto   3 ] In the help page, you will find instruction to configure your code [look on the right sidebar of the help page as shown in pic below] If you are using WordPress / Joomla / any such Content Management…read more

1..2..3 Let’s start a Blog

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This is a new series of Blogging lessons for those who are planning to start a Blog. The reason why I am writing this set of lessons: I have a new set of friends who are very much interested in starting a blog. But as usual, they don’t know How and Where to start. So these lessons are for such Interested ones. For those who don’t know what a Blog is: A Blog is a type of a website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new…read more

How to customize your Blog font

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You can change the default font of your blog and can set any font of your choice using the WordPress Font Uploader. Just follow these steps: Goto Plugins > Add New and search for custom font or WordPress Font Uploader. Install the plugin. Activate the plugin. When i activated the plugin, i got an error “The plugin does not have a valid header.” In case of this error, just goto Plugins > Installed Plugins , under inactive plugins you can find this  Plugin installed. Just click Activate. Once activated, Goto FontUploader and…read more

How to add a feedback badge to your site?

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Its easy to setup a feedback badge. First create a page called Feedback. WordPress users goto Pages->Add new And create a new Feedback page: You need to insert a contact form in that page. WordPress users, Click here to read about Creating forms After creating a feedback page, You need to copy the following code: <div style=”position: fixed; height: 10px; top: 300px;”> <a href=””> <img src=””/> </a> </div> Paste the code just after the body tag(<body>). Don’t forget to replace my feedbackpage link with your feedback page url as shown in pic…read more

Custom fields missing in WordPress?

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Custom Fields missing? Worried? Just think… did you upgrade your wordpress to wordpress 3.1? Yes! Upgrading to wordpress 3.1 causes this missing of custom fields. Its easy to fix. Take your post and click on screen options at the top. Clicking screen options will open up with many check boxes. Just select the options you wanted to show. You can find custom fields in it. So its fixed. Have fun.

Falling snow,baloon,leaves,hearts,rain plugin

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You can add falling snow/ baloon/ leaves/ hearts/ rain effect to your blog with the help of snow or more wordpress plugin. First install the plugin as shown: Goto Plugins-> Add New and search for snow or more . Install the plugin and activate it. After installing, goto Settings-> Snow and more and select the effects you want and save changes. Thats all :).

i promote WordPress

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I am a WordPress fan. I love, use and promote WordPress. WordPress almost changed my life :). I have started a fanpage to promote WordPress. WordPress lovers and fans can “like” it.  Here is the link: I plan to handle all WordPress related queries and help here. Expecting your full support… Support me 🙂

Fix for Let it snow plugin

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For me, the let it snow plugin didn’t work(“Boldy” theme). If you face the same problem, here is the solution. Goto Appearence-> Editor And then click on Header.php Then look for the </head> tag. Just above the </head> tag, add <? wp_head(); ?> tag as shown below: Update File and see, it starts snowing 🙂

How to list guest blog posts in a seperate page?

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To list guest blog posts in a seperate page ( For eg: see, do the following steps: 1. Create a new page named “Guest Blogging”. (Pages-> Add New) 2. Create a Category named  “Guest blogging”. (Posts-> Categories) 3. Next, inform your Guest bloggers to select the Guest Blogging category while adding new posts. And group all the current Guest posts manually in to the “Guest Blogging” Category (Either ask Guest bloggers to do it themselves, or you do it :p ). 4. Next step is to install two plugins….read more

How to fix WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in

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Installing some themes result in the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in Fixing this error is very easy. Just install a plugin named “Limit Post Add-On”. Click here to Download the plugin. Then goto Plugins-> Add new , and upload the plugin. Click install now , and then Activate the plugin. Thats all, error fixed 🙂

Superb Slide !

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Check out the slide here: Really superb ! Looks great na… This is a slide by SlideDeck. SlideDeck is a powerful slider plugin made for web designers. With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.I will tell you how to put this slide in your WordPress Blog. As mentioned above, its a plugin. So the first step is to install the plugin Slidedeck. For that goto Plugins –> Add New Search for “ slidedeck ” The result contains Slidedeck slider. Just…read more