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Post photos directly from Gallery to Google maps in iOS

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Posting photos directly to Google Maps from the gallery and that too at the most easiest way is what all the Google local guides prefer. “Android offers an easy share to google maps option, but not iOS” – This is a general statement that most of the iOS users make (including me at some point). But the truth is, there is an option which is actually inactive. We just need to activate it and here are the steps: 1) Select the photo and goto share options   2) Click on…read more


GDG DevFest Sydney | 2015

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Attended GDG Devfest Sydney today and here are few of the snaps from the event : It all started with Collecting the Goodies 🙂 Tshirt: Google Cardboard V2 Cool Stickers: Andrew’s intro about the meetup: Ankur’s session on ‘Android and Games’ was really interesting: Guil and Emily on CommBank Property app: Justin’s Android Testing session made me realize how important unit testing is 😀 And then it was Lunch time 🙂 Good Audience 🙂 CBA Innovation Lab Couldn’t stay much longer. Had to leave due to few other engagements 🙁…read more


What is SEO?

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This article will help you understand the basics of SEO [Search Engine Optimization], How to, or Where to start etc. SEO  is very essential for a website. SEO is nothing but optimizing your Site in a Search engine friendly way so that your site articles/contents are displayed in the search results. Good SEO will bring your site on Top of the search results. It is all about making small modifications, improvements to your site which will cause a huge impact on the performance in search results. Google the No 1 Search…read more


People Who Changed Internet [Must Known Founders]

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1 ] Father[s] of the Internet:  Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn [TCP/IP suite]   2 ] Inventor of WWW: Tin Berners-Lee [web client and server, links/ hyperlinks]   3 ] Father of Email:  Ray Tomlinson [@ symbol for email address]   4 ] Inventor of Emoticon: Scott Fahlman [ASCII based smiley emoticon]   5 ] Netscape Navigator: Marc Andreessen [Developed the First browser called Mosaic which was later known as Netscape Navigator]   6 ] Internet Relay Chat, IRC : Jarkko Oikarinen [First realtime internet chat tool]   7 ] Google: Larry…read more


Few Websites Not Loading On BSNL Broadband?

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Previously, my BSNL broadband used to work at awesome speed and load all websites. But recently, I faced Issues with certain websites. Even Facebook was not loading properly. I did a little research on this issue and came to know that BSNL shifted its servers to new ones, since then some websites don’t load fully. Here is the solution: First you need to find out the Modem configuration URL. Open any browser and goto Modem configuration URL.It will be given somewhere on the backside of the modem. The usual URLs…read more

Googling Tips & Tricks

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“Google” has replaced the term “Search” and moreover the “Web”. More than 90% of the people use Google to findout what they need on the web. Even though its easier to search anything in Google, Sometimes it takes time to findout the exact stuff we are looking for. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make your Googling easier. Discover and try these cool tricks. Time: time India [type time, followed by the name of your city or country. Similarly for the following ones ] Weather: weather Bangalore Calculator: just type…read more

Download PDF guides for FREE

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“MakeUseOf” is a booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive. The aim of MakeUseOf is to guide you through the web and tell you about hot websites that you have never heard of, best software programs, and all kinds of “how to” tips for Windows, Mac and Linux computer users. MakeUseOf Guide Download center has over 65 useful PDF guides that can be downloaded for free. You just have to Subscribe with your emailID, and you will get the password as…read more

How to Save a Webpage as PDF?

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You can save a Webpage as PDF, so that it becomes easy to handle. Which browser are you using? 1 ] Google Chrome? Goto: Add the extension to your Chrome. Restart the browser, load any webpage and click on the Save as Webpage icon which looks like: 2 ] Mozilla Firefox? Goto: Add the add-on to your Firefox. Restart the browser, load any webpage and click on the Save as Webpage icon which looks like this:  

How to Display Blog/Site Author Information in Search Results?

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Hey Bloggers, Do you want your information to be displayed along with your search results like this ? Steps: 1 ] Place a link to your Google+ Profile using the following code. [Place it anywhere in the <body>, preferably in the Footer] <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google+</a> Replace the [profile_url] with your Google+ Profile link. See how I did mine: <a href=””>Google+</a> 2 ]  Goto Click ‘Edit Profile‘ Click ‘Contributor To‘  > Click ‘Add Custom Link‘ , add your site link and Save. 3 ] Once done, Notify Google that you have your…read more

How to implement a Live Support Chat in your blog/website for Free?

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Its very easy to implement a Live Support Chat in your blog/website. See the Chat window at the bottom of this page. Yes, you too can implement a similar one. Thanks to Olark. How to? 1 ] Goto Olark and Register with your email ID.   2 ] Once you finish Registration, Goto   3 ] In the help page, you will find instruction to configure your code [look on the right sidebar of the help page as shown in pic below] If you are using WordPress / Joomla / any such Content Management…read more

How to use CeTly Mail Service?

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CeTly Mail Service is the academic email service for students of College of Engineering Thlassery. Each student of College of Engineering Thalassery has an academic email id ( If you haven’t recieved the mail id and password, please contact your placement co-ordinator). All Placement related information will be sent to this email id. CMail Login: Tips: You can forward the mails to your own personal mail, so you needn’t login to CMail always. Here is the tutorial on how to forward your mails to another mail id : Login…read more

How to setup feed+email subscription for your site?

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A feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. The common standards are RSS and Atom feeds. By subscribing to the feeds of a particular blog, you can access the current summary of that blog. On subscribing, you get the updates of that blog in your mail inbox. Lets learn how to create feed for your site. There are many feed services. Lets look into Google’s feedburner . Goto feedburner, you need a google account to login. Just sign in with google account. Next give your…read more

Make your Gmail goodlooking

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Recently i came to know that, some of my friends donot know how to change the Gmail theme. This motivated me to write this post. ( I noticed that my brother too uses the default theme, so i hacked his password and used his Gmail to prepare this post 🙂 ) First login to your gmail. The basic theme looks likes this: To change your theme, goto Settings: The settings page will be as shown: What you see above is the General option. Click on Themes, second last option. You…read more


Google Chrome WordPress theme

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Recently i came to see the Google Chrome WordPress theme (its a very old theme). Its simple and looks neat. Features 2 columns fixed width Widgets ready Threaded & paged comments ready for WP 2.7 Gravatar ready Works on WordPress v2.5 and above Tested on IE6/7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome XHTML & CSS Validated Download it from: