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Google Street View Mode is now available in Gear 360 2017 edition

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Yes! You are not in your dreams! The much awaited firmware upgrade has come! Google Street View Mode is now available in Gear 360 2017 edition. Steps: Open Gear 360 App on your phone Click on Settings Click on Firmware version Click Download Downloading will start : If Gear 360 is already connected, the downloaded files will be automatically copied to the device, else connect the device to start auto copying. Camera will restart after installation. On restart, Long Press menu for Connect to Android/iOS option, and then keep pressing…read more

The Truth About Free Mobile Recharges: Shocking!

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I used to get lot of messages about free mobile recharges and I used to ignore/delete all them with the firm belief that they are all fake! Whenever I used to get such kind of messages from my friends, I used to get angry and argue that they are all fake! And one day one of my friend showed me how he used to recharge without spending anything from his pocket! I was shocked to see that! I tried the same and I started getting free recharges! I dont share…read more


Free 25 PhotoPrints! Delivered anywhere in India!

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Love Photos? Get 25 free photo prints delivered anywhere in India! Brought to you by Here are the steps: 1) Goto 2) Download PhotoPrints app [Available for Android, i Phone and Windows] 3) Select Order Prints and select 25 photos from your Phone and place the order. Note: You have to pay a shipping fee of Rs 49 [Online Payment]. Cash-on-delivery option is also available, but you have to pay Rs 99. What are you waiting for ? 😉 Here is what I recieved from Zoomin 🙂 Thanks…read more


What exactly is JRE and JDK ?

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If you are a Java Developer, and someone asks you what exactly is JRE and JDK, How will you respond? There are lot of Java Students and Developers who still don’t know what exatly these are! [Yes! I know ;)] So let’s understand this basic stuff. JRE [ Java Runtime Environment ]: As the name suggests, it is an environment needed for running Java programs. It is an implementation of JVM [ Java Virtual Machine ] It includes Core libraries and other additional components to run applications and applets written…read more


Learn to code interactively, for Free!

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Practice is the only way to Learn Coding effectively. To practice, you need to first setup the development environment by installing and configuring the necessary applications. This is where most of them face a lot of problems. CodeAcademy brings you an opportunity to Learn Coding without all these hassles. The courses in CodeAcademy are designed in such a way that one will find it very easy to Learn the technology from Scratch. All the courses are very interactive and Learning is Fun with CodeAcademy. Last but not the least, All…read more


How to Build and Manage an Online Shopping site? Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Developing and managing an Online shopping website is usually considered to be complex because of the effort involved in developing a shopping cart, implementing special features like coupon codes , discounts etc and managing the online store with an admin login. To develop all such features, requires lot of time and effort. What if you have all these features already implemented + you can customize it as per your requirement + you can get most of the online shopping features for FREE! That’s what this article is about! So If…read more

The Dream Chat With WeChat

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What If You could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat Group, and the people can be dead, alive or even fictional! This is a great idea from Indiblogger + WeChat . Based on this idea, here is a small piece of art/design which describes Who would they be, why and what I would be talking about. This is just a piece of art-comic-fun 🙂 Take it in that way. Wanna Know How to use Wechat, its features and enabling hidden features? Click here. Get to know more about WeChat…read more


WeChat : The Perfect Chat Application [It’s Free!]

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WeChat is a Perfect + Awesome + FREE chat application with lots of  cool features. Its features include: Live Chat, Group Chat, Voice Chat, Video Call, Web WeChat, Emoticons, Moments, Chat History Backup, Shake, Drift Bottle, Look Around, Facebook connect and Group Chat QR Code. You must be thinking ‘what is this Shake, Drift Bottle and Look Around ?’  Right ? These are some special features of WeChat which makes it an Awesome Chat Application. Believe me! These features will make you say WOW! Excited to know more about these features?  Keep reading, we will explore…read more


Why Not Original If Its Cheap? HP #OriginalCopy

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I know the title of this article sounds unbelievable! But Its true! Yes, you can get Original products with guaranteed quality and service at cheaper price. Thanks to HP and IndiBlogger for the #OriginalCopy meet which brought out the importance of being original and choosing original products and services. About The Original IndiBlogger Meet with HP: This was my first Indiblogger meet and it was really Awesome! It was so awesome that I will never miss out any of the meets in future! The meet started with a high voltage…read more

Free Facebook Cover Pictures

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Hi Guys, I have designed few Facebook Cover pages. Its free to Download, Use and Share. Have Fun 🙂 If you have some good ideas for designing Your own Facebook cover pages, don’t hesitate to contact  me, I’ll design it free for you 🙂 Would you like to learn how the Facebook cover pages are designed? My next post/article in progress is “How to Design a Facebook Cover Page Using Photoshop?”. Subscribe for free and get notified when the article goes Online. Enter your email address: