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Learn to code interactively, for Free!

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Practice is the only way to Learn Coding effectively. To practice, you need to first setup the development environment by installing and configuring the necessary applications. This is where most of them face a lot of problems. CodeAcademy brings you an opportunity to Learn Coding without all these hassles. The courses in CodeAcademy are designed in such a way that one will find it very easy to Learn the technology from Scratch. All the courses are very interactive and Learning is Fun with CodeAcademy. Last but not the least, All…read more


People Who Changed Internet [Must Known Founders]

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1 ] Father[s] of the Internet:  Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn [TCP/IP suite]   2 ] Inventor of WWW: Tin Berners-Lee [web client and server, links/ hyperlinks]   3 ] Father of Email:  Ray Tomlinson [@ symbol for email address]   4 ] Inventor of Emoticon: Scott Fahlman [ASCII based smiley emoticon]   5 ] Netscape Navigator: Marc Andreessen [Developed the First browser called Mosaic which was later known as Netscape Navigator]   6 ] Internet Relay Chat, IRC : Jarkko Oikarinen [First realtime internet chat tool]   7 ] Google: Larry…read more


Googling Tips & Tricks

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“Google” has replaced the term “Search” and moreover the “Web”. More than 90% of the people use Google to findout what they need on the web. Even though its easier to search anything in Google, Sometimes it takes time to findout the exact stuff we are looking for. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make your Googling easier. Discover and try these cool tricks. Time: time India [type time, followed by the name of your city or country. Similarly for the following ones ] Weather: weather Bangalore Calculator: just type…read more

iElite free workshop

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Open workshop from iElite ( towards creating awareness for IT / ITES professionals would be conducted at Dinesh IT Park Kannur on May 22nd. Interested? Pls call in at 8088530576 to register.

Computer & Internet basics for babies

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There are many people around who use computers, learn computers without knowing the basics. Basic knowledge is very essential in each and every field to be an expert. Don’t get disheartened if you come in this category. Basics are those which can be learnt easily, and thats why its called basics. Some people think that programming is not for them, they can’t do it, its impossible! But understanding basics is not a big deal. You can be an expert only once you undergo proper training. Becoming an expert is really difficult. But…read more

i Elite: An Initiative to Enhance Employability of IT Professionals

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An Initiative to Enhance Employability of Information Technology Professionals 1. Industry Context • Large Business Potential confronted with Talent Shortage • FICCI survey reveals that Employability is a great concern for today’s students • McKinsey and Company Survey – Roughly 25,000 IT graduates every year, of whom about 25% are likely to be employed • Study by Harvard University – 85% of Jobs and Promotions are because of the candidate’s Attitude and only 15% due to facts and figures a candidate has   2. iElite Programme Objectives • To enhance…read more

For those who are preparing for Tech interview

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I recently came across a site that can really help to clear the Tech Interview round of all IT companies. Just have a look at the main links: General IT Questions: C/C++ Database Java Linux/Unix


Would you like to test drive a chrome notebook?

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Yesterday when i opened Chrome, i saw a message: “Would you like to test drive a Chrome notebook? Apply now ” When i clicked on it, it said that: Test drive a Chrome notebook. We have a limited number of Chrome notebooks to distribute, and we need to ensure that they find good homes. That’s where you come in. Everything is still very much a work in progress, and it’s users, like you, that often give us our best ideas about what feels clunky or what’s missing. So if you…read more

i3, i5, i7, Quad Core, Dual Core etc. What Does it all Mean?

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If you’re in the market to buy a PC and you’re looking for the best value for money, you’ve likely asked yourself: “what’s the difference between Dual and Quad Core and what about i3, i5, and i7?” This guide offers a basic explanation of these five types of processors and will help you determine the best for your needs. Before we go much further, I should make it clear that comparing Quad Core with i7 is not as simple as it sounds as they are not completely comparable. You’ll see…read more